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Recognized as a leading American entertainer of the 20th century, Benny portrayed his character as a miser and a grouser.When performing, he would always claim to be 39 years of age, well into his 70’s.

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Benny Goodman, "The King of Swing", was the clarinetist composer responsible for multiple hit singles as a band leader before World War II.

Goodman left school at 14 to join the American Federation of Musicians.

At 14, Benny was playing in dance bands and his high school orchestra.

He was a dreamer and poor at his studies, and was ultimately expelled from high school.

He did poorly in business school later and at attempts to join his father's business.

In 1911, he began playing the violin in local vaudeville theaters for .50 a week.

At the age of 10, Goodman went to study music at Kehelah Jacob Synagogue.

He studied the clarinet with Franz Schoepp who was a member of the Chicago Symphony.

Benny went to the florist and said, “I don’t know if you realize this or not, but Mr. I know it is kind of you, but you don’t need to do this any longer.” The florist responded, “Mrs. Jack made provisions years ago to provide you a single red rose every day you are alive.” And, the lovely red roses continued to arrive every day for the next eight years until Mary’s death, as a memorial to Jack’s devotion to Mary.

February 14, 1894 – December 26, 1974) was an American comedian, vaudevillian, radio, television and film actor, and violinist.

He thought she was beautiful, and he longed for her, but he was too shy and embarrassed to ask her out.

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