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That all happened in early 2008 or maybe even 2007. I was in La Cage and stuck in a contract six nights a week and he said, “Well when your schedule opens up let me know.” After AGC aired, he met with me and said, “You were fabulous on the show. It all kind of lined up perfectly because I had met Amanda Lepore’s manager and he introduced me to the acting agent that did all of her bookings.

The fun in it is [that] my homework is to study Britney Spears’ choreography and learn her music and work on costumes that are replicas, so I really have the most amazing job in the world.

To be a fan of hers and then to get to impersonate her around the world is such an honor.

The KIIS-FM offices in Burbank, Calif., were nearly deserted the day Britney Spears called.

It was December 2004, just before New Year's Eve, and Jesse Lozano was filling in for the regular host, who was on vacation. "She says she wants to play her new song."Lozano thought it was a prank.

Underneath the makeup, sequins and wig is a young man who is living his passion. Derrick: Traveling is my #1 job, so it is what I do most in life and I love it! That’s in every single job I have – it always incorporates drag somehow. I was running into a lot of seedy people or people I couldn’t trust or people that wanted to give me a $500 budget and wanting me to buy my flight and find my transportation.

I was so happy to get to talk with Derrick and learn more about his theater background, love of Britney Spears and his growing and evolving drag career! I would make no money to travel, so I thought this is definitely something I would not want to be doing or handling.

Everyone living in galaxies near and far have memorized the sounds of the beloved Star Wars theme.

That’s why 13-year-old musicians Bryce Hayashi and Michael “Mickle” Miller paid homage to the franchise’s composer, John Williams, by performing the theme song on his front lawn last Monday.

[Lainey Gossip] Everyone’s talking about Naomi Watts’ ugly Balmain dress.

[Go Fug Yourself] Julianne Hough looked pretty at the Emmys.

And we should be keeping it fresh and current, especially with her right down the street.

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