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I was wondering the date of the Martin and if any more were made by Samuel or the Kamaka company. Martin did not make instruments, unless they were employee made instruments, without identification. Also, is it best to repair the strings and tuning knobs before selling or leaving as-is?

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I came across this "unmarked" uke on ebay reasonably cheap and grabbed it. Danny Put is on our marketplace on fleamarketmusic site. On a good day with a new bridge, which you may be able to order from Martin, this ukulele is worth 3000 dollars .

500 good price in today's soft market...thanks...chuck Hi there. What you have is the 3rd or 4th incarnation of the style 3 Martin mahogany soprano ukulele. In my estimation, the finest player Martin ever made.

The headstock shape is unusual and is unlike any of the well-know manufacturers in Hawaii or on the mainland.

The headstock is similar to the shape used by Oscar Schmidt, but not quite the same - and none of the other characteristics look like Schmidt.

When people talk about the Hawaiian big K's this is one of them.

The Website has a history of the people and the business on it that I won't copy here, but I have seen, and it doesn't mention, that Kamaka made some Pineapples for the Aloha Mfct Co in the 20's and these have Aloha on the headstock and Kamaka as the sound hole label. Beginning in 1954, until 2001, the trademarked Double K decal was used.You can purchase a new Kamaka ukulele from any of our authorized dealers or order one directly from the factory.To add the importance of Kamaka within the history of the Ukulele, his son Sam Kamaka jnr.was the person who invented the Lili'u to celebrate Hawaii's granting of statehood in 1959, (not quite so popular but another standard model in a lot of catalogues).Over many years, Chuck assembled his own world-class collection of vintage Hawaiian and Mainland ukes, including some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. Jumpin’ Jim2015 Hi Chuck: I have these two tiples I would like some information on. If someone put a gun to my head, I'd say it was a Helicopter if that was what they wanted to hear.

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