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Brash, arrogant, and egotistical, he alienates his directors and the man who discovers him. The movie jumped from his TV work in the mid-1950's to a TV interview in the 90's (probably supposed to be his "60 Minutes" interview in 1991). I hope CBS is not so crass that they mainly wanted to present him in ways having to do with his appearances on CBS! His movie career occupied a much larger portion of his life than his TV career. On the plus side, the cinematography was excellent, and looked very good in HDTV. Also Michael Chieffo gives a pretty convincing portrayal (though perhaps a little restrained) of Art Carney, in the few scenes he appears.When he ends up back in New York, Gleason gets one of those rare second chances in the new medium of television, creating some of its most unforgettable characters. Most of us are familiar with his later silly roles, but he did some great movie roles in the 1960s: "The Hustler" (original), "Soldier in the Rain", "Papa's Delicate Condition", etc. Finally, Garrett goes from young and thin to really quite chubby, in both body and face.Garrett also took a swipe at his former co-star Ray Romano.

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But even as Gleason becomes the talk of the tube, his life - ruled by demons of rage, booze, and insecurity - unravels. I got lost after three different levels of flashbacks in the first 5 minutes. Either an excellent job of makeup and costuming, or he gained a heck of a lot of weight for the role, or a little of both?

I agree that Garrett's performance was amazing, he captured the essence of Gleason perfectly. If it was done with appliances, it was the best job I've ever seen.

Brad Garrett stars as Eddie Stark, one-half of a long-married couple, in the Sony Pictures Television original comedy series 'TIL DEATH for FOX, now heading into its third season.

For nine seasons, Garrett portrayed Ray Romano's big brother Robert on the highly-rated series "Everybody Loves Raymond," earning him three Emmy Awards and five Emmy nominations.

Garrett's voice-over work includes voicing Gusteau, the late French culinary genius, in the Academy Award winning animated film, "Ratatouille;" Bloat the blowfish in "Finding Nemo;" Easter Island Head in "Night at the Museum;" and Dim, the rhinoceros beetle, in "A Bug's Life." In 2002, Garrett's portrayal of Jackie Gleason in the critically acclaimed CBS film, "Gleason," earned him an Emmy Award nomination and a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for his role.

Garrett's additional credits include: Disney's hit comedy, "The Pacifier;" Warner Bros.' "Music and Lyrics," with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore; and the Broadway production of Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple." Brad Garrett, Glenn Robbins, Doug Wald and Kallissa Miller are the executive producers of Dating Brad Garrett for Sony Pictures Television.

Sony Pictures TV, which produces the actor's current Fox sitcom, is overseeing production.

Brad will be dating ten women in ten episodes as we viewers follow along to watch if a "love connection" happens on one of his blind dates.

Brad Garrett..tall 6-foot-8-inch one who played Robert Romano and second fiddle to little brother Ray!

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