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The bullying was widespread with 80 percent of respondents saying the bully affected five or more people.The authors of the survey concluded that bullying can’t persist unless there is a complete breakdown in all four systems of accountability: personal (the victim him or herself), peer (others who witness the behavior), supervisory (hierarchical leaders), and formal discipline (HR).

The request for reimbursement shall be submitted in the form and manner prescribed by the Office of the State Courts Administrator.

However, subject to legislative appropriation, the clerk of the court may, each quarter, submit to the Office of the State Courts Administrator a certified request for reimbursement for petitions for protection issued by the court under this section at the rate of $40 per petition.

One study found that 96 percent of the 2,283-people surveyed had experienced bullying at work and 54 percent of workplace bullies had been at it for five-plus years.

In some cases, the bullies continued in the same job for thirty-plus years.

Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture.

Rape culture is perpetuated through the use of misogynistic language, the objectification of women’s bodies, and the glamorization of sexual violence, thereby creating a society that disregards women’s rights and safety.

It is NOT the victim’s fault or responsibility to fix the situation; it is the abuser’s choice.

By engaging in victim-blaming attitudes, society allows the abuser to perpetrate relationship abuse or sexual assault while avoiding accountability for his/her actions.

Often coming from “La mujer […] Youth of all shapes and forms have voices that carry truth and passion. It gets buried in single story stereotypes and societal norms that tells us power comes with age or in the form of a white male.

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