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Although you are not importing items into the UAE (as you never enter the country, but are in transit) nevertheless any goods deemed inappropriate will be seized.

You do run the risk of having the item confiscated Do you have a reference that this does happen to transit passengers' checked bags?

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and the service is wonderful but just the food is awful and not good and it was a very good experience for us and in winter we will came back for a vocation and i will directly came to Moscow Hotel.

Reshad The Hotel is very well located at the corner in Deira being open to the street on two sides giving it a perfect ambience in the evening for the sit out allthough most of the gentry that you find around are russians .

Many girls come from Russia or Eastern Europe expecting a nanny job or to work in a fashion outlet, some, again not all have passports confiscated on arrival and are forced to work in the sex industry.

Some girls come on their own, hoping to make many thousands of dollars a week, some including some Filipino and Asian domestic workers work as prostitutes on the side to supplement a poor income.

Went to use the internet, and it advertises high speed internet. Didnt hear the nightclub very much, but sure did get a lot of offers on the way down to get something to drink. IF you are a single dude and want some "action", go here, just make sure you wrap it! The Moscow Hotel only provides the most basic amenities in their average sized rooms.

UMMM, yeah high speed means less than an hour for a website to load. It seemed on the older side especially for Dubai standards. I made my reservation through a hotel booking website and even though I had all required documentation they were giving me issues with checking in which has never happened in the past. I was really not relax beacouse of them although I was with my Girlfriend Although the hotel is not very big but very well maintained.

As customs is a function of the federal government, the same applies across the [email protected] Even when you are in transit and haven't passed immigration or customs, you are still on UAE soil and must expect to be subject to most UAE laws.

A similar situation would be if you fly between two locations, in which cannabis is legalized, but transit through a third location where cannabis is illegal.

But police arrested her promptly and charged her under Emirati Sharia law with committing an offense of “having sex outside marriage,” that is, premarital or extramarital sex.

The country’s Islamic law bans consenting adults from “having sex outside marriage,” according to reports that if convicted the woman faces a long prison sentence or severe corporal punishment that may involve canning and flogging.

She is now stranded in the country in need of about ,000 for legal fees.

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