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Jill Bennett and Cathy De Buono sent a message to their fans that they split up in 2013.

Jill Bennett is an actress known for her many roles in LGBT themed cinema, televison and content produced for the Internet.

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She has starred in over eight gay themed movies and series, including "Dante's Cove", "In Her Line of Fire", "3Way", "We Have To Stop Now" and "And Then Came Lola." She is also an LGBT activist and political blogger, having created three popular online blogs - "We're Getting Nowhere", The Violet Underground, and most recently, ' The Gloves Are Off'.

Cathy De Buono is an ex-Olympic level volleyball player turned actress best known for her roles in such LGBT features as "Out at the Wedding", "And Then Came Lola" and the series "We Have To Stop Now." She took a detour from the biz when she earned her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology.

( complete with gay-straight love triangles to boot. From choosing a username (like Cat Lover or Camping Cat Lover or Well Of Loneliness64) to searching for a profile picture that isn’t so outdated it qualifies as fraud, Simone plunges headfirst into this cultural phenomenon.

The main femme Ana (Lorena Romanin) finds herself under the spell of Laura (Sofia Wilhelmi) after a chance meeting. ( Behold the timeless story of Bonnie and…Connie?

She’s also one of the most fervent LGBT activists around who has spoken up about lesbian issues at rallies and events, particularly marriage equality.

Born on March 20, 1970 in Yonkers, New York, Cathy De Buono first came into the limelight as a volleyball player who won two gold medals during the United States Olympic Festival in 19.

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While network television has made strides in incorporating lesbians into popular programming, the Internet is really where it’s at for quality queer series. It's a married lesbian couple who are both therapists, have coauthored the No.

She also won numerous awards and medals in her area of sports expertise.

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