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Continue reading I was a secret drug addict for three years. I kept my family at arms length and stopped talking to all of my friends.

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The good news is that their popularity has increased so much that they are soon launching services in Ahmedabad and Chennai too. While it offers a host of services such as same-day delivery and real-time tracking, the most unique feature is that it lets customers place their orders on chat and runs 24/7!

Who knows, of the billions of strangers out there, one swipe might just lead to that chance meeting of true love. "We had in mind a matchmaking platform, a virtual best friend who would always have someone great to introduce you to, no baggage of caste, or religion, no neighbourhood busybody, no slinking around nooks and alleys in search of privacy." They had experience: Bhatia was co-founder of online travel company, Make My Trip, Dhingra of electronics e-tail venture, Letsbuy, and Kumar, as a product manager for tech companies.

Ask the girls what sort of man they are looking for, and pat comes the reply: "Anyone who puts up a photograph shirtless or with six-pack abs is out." Amidst peals of laughter, they list their preferences: humour, confidence, well-spoken and, yes, "easy on the eye".

And an explosion of identity-defining hashtags: #voracious gourmand, #animal lover, #sports nut, #whiskey connoisseur, #health freak, #party hopper, #avid reader. ' although he himself is there." But 'judgement' works the other way too.

"My brother's friend saw me on a dating app and he called me to say, 'How can you join a dating app?

They talk about 'judging' people on apps: "There's a lot of 'judgement' around dating apps," says a girl, who learnt about them on her brother's mobile phone.

Continue reading I’m only 16 but I plan my future life so much that I’ve become intensely unhappy with what I have now. I’m not telling anyone where I am going because if things don’t work out I’m going to be ending my life.

I do not enjoy life anymore, the moments I do do not last long, and I end up feeling worse.

The index finger automatically positions itself, to do the best thing it has ever done: swiping the screen-left, right, up, down. They had a great idea and they wanted to turn it into a business.

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