Updating brick exterior

The only exception to the above, I would suggest, is listed buildings where previous owners have painted, and you are looking to get the outside restored again.This is possible but has to be done by specialist company and can be very expensive, and, if the building is listed, it can also mean lots of British bureaucracy to get it done too!

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We decided that we wanted the trim to be one color and the siding to be another color, just so the house had a little more dimension.

We didn’t hate the existing cream on cream trim and siding, but we did love a few other possibilities more, especially after walking around the neighborhood and staring at other brick colonials to see what they had going on.

Always use a high quality acrylic or latex masonry primer for painting exterior brick.

Remember all mortar as well as brick should be primed.

I first met my lovely clients on-line early this year in February.

They were building their forever home and found my blog after the house was painted and they were VERY unhappy with the final result.

But at least we knew about all of them going into the house purchase (and the first two didn’t end up draining our wallets) – so maybe that softened the blow a little? And the rest of it was in desperate need of a cleaning, scraping, priming, and two fresh coats of paint to protect it from rotting like the other stuff that was already too far gone.

Given the extent of the rot, the sheer size of the project, and the fact that a lot of it was high off the ground, we knew it was a job for the pros.

So we got four estimates and ultimately chose the crew that made us feel the most confident, who was a local chain called Certa Pro Painters.

It didn’t hurt that they were recommended by a neighbor up the street along with a wish-she-was-our-neighbor friend of ours.

‘We are shocked at how much the after photo ages the house, it went from a bright looking house, to a dark and gloomy house, please help!

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