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To put it another way, here are six additions that we reckon the impending update simply The most frustrating thing about this one is that the PS4 already has folders – they're just infuriatingly reserved for the TV section.

It's easy to see how this would work, and we can't imagine that it's a difficult thing to implement.

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Sony is using LLVM/Clang as its Play Station 4 CPU compiler due to its highly conformant C and C front-ends, great C 11 support, excellent diagnostic messages, fast compilation times, and excellent code generation.

According to Sony, game developers are loving the compiler toolchain except when it comes to the area of debugging.

PSone Classics with full Trophy compatibility and upscaled 1080p presentation would be beyond amazing – who doesn't want to earn a Platinum in Metal Gear Solid or Crash Bandicoot, after all?

There needs to be a way to see absolutely every PS4 item that you've ever downloaded – but it shouldn't be the default view.

If you can, use a pre-built firmware from subg_rfspy release list on Git Hub.

Please note: the streaming product must already be on version 3.00 before updating.

Sony's updated the console, adding cool new functions like Share Play and Communities – but these have come at the expense of simple additions, like folders and external HDD support.

We're praying that the impending PS4 firmware update v4.00 – which is set to enter open beta later this month – goes back to basics, then, and finally incorporates the features that we've been yearning for since day one.

I'm just trying to figure out the current "state of the union." While I can't comment on the state of backwards compatibility, I am relatively certain that there are no restrictions on installing a new SATA hard drive.

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