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David, I see from your post that you have Quicken set to backup on close.Are you backing up online, to a local folder, or to a networked location? If you find that a SOLIDWORKS document uses a font that is no longer installed on your computer, refer to Microsoft Knowledge base article 3083806.

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Something more modern is required, like a nice new Outlook 2016 client. Part of planning a deployment of a new on-premises release of Exchange is a review of client requirements.

It’s therefore reasonable that anyone who is interested in deploying Exchange 2016 might start to look at clients to make sure that users will be able to access the new server after it is deployed.

Thinking it might be an issue fixed in Quicken 2017 I upgraded. I've contacted Quicken support on multiple occasions and have uninstalled and reinstalled over 10 times now with no resolution. Only way to remove it from the screen is via task manager. Everything is working fine on my SP4 except exiting from Quicken. On the Dell I will receive the dialog from Quicken prompting me to backup when I exit.

I've removed quicken, run the Clean UI as outlined, reinstalled run the quicken update filed to get me to the latest version. To try and pinpoint the issue I now have the same Quicken software (Quicken 2017 R4 Build on both PC's with exactly the same data file. I never receive any dialog on exit from the SP4 before it hangs. I saw that there was another post for this same issue on an SP4 from 10 months ago with suggestions to try all of the things I've already done with Quicken support.

No one likes going near user desktops and the thought of having to deploy a new version of Microsoft Office is enough to reduce a strong administrator to a quivering wreck, especially after the Office 2010 "ribbon" caused so much grief for some.

But there's no getting away from the fact that Exchange 2016 will simply not play ball with Outlook 2007.

What happens if you manually try backing up to the same location?

If hanging on exit is enough to make you abandon Quicken, you might want to take a look at this post. I have applied all of the updates available on Microsoft Updates for my machine.

As the 11.4 prereq update has not yet completed, the 11.4.x system update might fail with the following error: While running a 11.4.2 system update on a Windows Primary Server, preglobal actions might fail to run due to which the system update will not complete.

To all, Just had a disappearing Toolbox issue after doing a Windows update. (July 16-17) Be aware that Windows update KB3072630 is giving SW add-ins agita...!!!

Ensure that you read Section 2.0, Planning to Deploy Version 11.4.2 before you download and deploy the 11.4.2 update.

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