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It appears that if I remove this empty option, then I do not get this error.

What is also very strange about this error is that if I do not choose a gender and submit my form, then a different option is selected in the dropdown on postback.

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In addition, on multi-page forms, the user should be allowed to go on to the next page even if there are empty required fields on the current page.

I am having a problem getting a validation form to work on an order form for a student store for my high school.

I have looked over the code over and over again and I can't find out what is wrong with it.

But what if I need to have a value of 0 in one of my options? I have written some comments so it may be easier to understand.

Maybe it's caused by a type conversion or something. Form class excerpt: // E-mail (generates "Value is required and can't be empty" - but what if the field should be optional? $email = new Element\Email('email'); // If I change to "Element\Text", there are no problems $email- I apologize if I did not explain the problems well enough, but it is really hard to explain because it seems so strange to me.In this case, I am submitting the form with the empty option ("Choose your gender"), but then the selected option changes to "Female" when the form is refreshed.The "Female" option has a value of 0, but if I change the value to 3, for example, it works fine.The Validate Form action checks the contents of specified text fields to ensure that the user has entered the correct type of data.You can attach this action to individual text fields using an on Blur event to validate the fields as the user is filling out the form, or attach it to the form with the on Click event to evaluate several text fields at once when the user clicks the Submit button.This results in behavior like: "user enters zip code - user clicks submit and moves to the next page because the zip code validation isn't finished".

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