Who is anita baker dating

The letters also referred to a gold-selling “best of” album released by Rhino Records.

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While some women have fears of singledom, the “Lately” chanteuse isn’t rushing into a relationship and neither are the prospects she comes across.

It’s Saturday.'” Baker, who’s currently prepping the release of her eighth studio album, , is pleased with where she’s at with her love life.

Then one day we were walking past each other in the hallway, and I just said, 'I need you.'" [On grief after miscarriage.]”, featuring the single "Sweet Love." With a lush, soaring voice, Baker has remained a revered force in contemporary soul music for decades with tunes like "Just Because," "Talk to Me" and "Body and Soul," picking up multiple Grammy Awards along the way.

Anita Baker was born on January 26, 1958, in Toledo, Ohio.

The couple had been married for 20 years and raised two sons in their Grosse Pointe home.

The divorce required a 50-50 split of royalties from two albums – “Giving You the Best That I Got” in 1988, and “Rhythm of Love” in 1994, both multi-platinum releases by Elektra Records.

Otis Smith, a former associate of Ariola, called Baker up in 1982 and convinced her to start a solo career under his Beverly Glen label.

Baker eventually signed with the company, releasing her debut solo album, The Songstress, in 1983.

The 56-year-old Grammy-winning singer has told TMZ she was in total shock to learn that authorities in Detroit had issued the warrant after she failed to appear in court for a civil lawsuit hearing on Wednesday.'I've never been in trouble with the law.

I'm terrified,' she told the website, insisting she knew nothing about the hearing relating to an unpaid bill for services completed on her Grosse Pointe home. I'm terrified': Grammy-winner Anita Baker - here performing in LA in March 2013 - has spoken about the warrant issued for her arrest on Wednesday in Detroit, saying she knew nothing about the lawsuit filed against her Expressing her surprise about the warrant, Baker tweeted her more than 290,000 followers on Thursday: 'WHATTT??!!

Baker was chastised several times for interrupting the proceedings with requests that she be allowed to speak for herself, under oath, and “fretting” about the possibility that she could end up behind bars. “My attorneys agree that I know more about music contracts than they do. I invented my music out of thin air, but they have to talk for me.

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