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The official said: “Not the World Cup, we as a club do not play for the World Cup but we’ll adjust it to MLS Cup.

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The tournament also has to be fully underwritten financially, although the windfall will be substantial thanks to the 2,000,000 tickets to be sold by the host union.

The IRFU anticipate 475,000 visitors to Ireland during the tournament and the economic benefit is estimated at €800 million.

A tournament fee of €127 million is a required pre-payment to the owners Rugby World Cup Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of World Rugby.

The decision on the venue for 2023 will be announced by World Cup in November, 2017.

Uruguay's all-time top goalscorer Luis Suarez missed the match through suspension as Cavani led the line for the hosts with the support of Diego Rolan.

Experienced goalkeeper Fernando Muslera was also banned and replaced by Martin Silva.

Schweinsteiger was asked: “With your addition to this team, is it a fair expectation to see a clear pathway towards a World Cup competition come out of Chicago? “Do you expect now that you’re here, Bastian, that a World Cup goal for Chicago Fire is a realistic expectation?

Schweinsteiger initially looked perplexed, before a club official interjected to tell him “He’s referring to the Club World Cup”. ” The club official again comes to Schweinsteiger’s rescue as he reminds the journalist that Chicago Fire do not and cannot play in the World Cup, and instead asks Schweinsteiger’s thoughts on their MLS chances.

The Philippines have won three championships in the World Cup of Pool dating back to its inception in 2006.

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