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For real estate investors, incorporating can protect an individual's credit rating if a property is foreclosed upon, suffers investment losses or is the subject of a lawsuit.

Rental-property ownership carries some legal risks, including environmental contamination, fire protection and slip-and-fall liabilities.

The ASICS Gel Kayano 23 Lite-Show is a maximum support road running shoe that offers a high level of cushioning and comfort.

The shoe offers added reflectivity and is a great option for training over any distance.

If held less than one year, the profits are treated as "ordinary income," requiring the investor to pay income tax and self-employment taxes, which are significantly higher than capital gains taxes.

In some cases, investors can avoid these taxes through incorporation, but with that comes other obligations and requirements that could reduce the value of the tax savings.The first is the return that would be expected based on covariance with the movements of the market (for most stocks, when the market as a whole goes up, the price of the stock will also go up).The second part is the increase in the price of a stock that is not explained by the market.If a stock's Beta is greater than 1, that means that when the market index goes up 1%, we expect the stock will go up by more than 1%.On the contrary, if the market goes down by 1%, we expect the stock to go down by more than 1%.Real estate investments are taxed differently depending upon how long the owner holds the property.

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