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'After not texting him for two weeks, he sent me this sweet text. ​' Nice surprise: A woman named Erin shared a message she received from a date she rejected where he maturely encourages her to 'say hi' if they bump into each other and adds she is 'pretty and fun' (file photo)The young man then makes the reasonable point that given they know '50 of the same people and like the same music' they are likely to bump into each other, in which case he encourages Erin to 'say hi when it happens'.

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Being single allows one a lot of time to pray and reflect.

One beautiful way singles can spend their time is by reading the Bible more.

I always had confidence within myself that I could get into modeling or acting. Ford contacted me so I came to NYC, then I switched to The Society where I’m represented now.

That's how I got into modeling and I feel really lucky that I got to be a part of it.

As Halloween approaches, take a spooky ride with us as we explore ten of Europe’s most haunted castles...

The earliest account of Thornbury and the manor exists in the time of King Athelstan (A. 925-940), who was grandson of King Alfred the Great, so it is safe to say Thornbury Castle has seen its fair share of faces pass through the great oak doors.

We’ve all been there, the notice comes in that the company is downsizing, oil prices are down, the hospital is cutting back administrative positions, or there just isn’t enough money out there for a full time interior designer. Last year, I was blessed to travel to the Holy Land.

This beautiful and incredibly small country had a profound impact on my faith and made the Bible truly come... Faustina was canonized by John Paul II on April 30, 2000, so in many ways these two great saints are interconnected.

Catherine fell in love at a young age and her parents forbid her from seeing her boyfriend – prompting Catherine to lock herself into the top room of the castle and starve herself to death.

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