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The project didn’t target individual users; rather it targeted Yahoo webcam chats between 20.

Indeed, the method of collection appears somewhat recklessly, and in just six months of period alone, the still images of about 1.8 million users were captured and stored in the government servers in 2008.

"Face detection has the potential to aid selection of useful images for 'mugshots' or even for face recognition by assessing the angle of the face," it reads.

"The best images are ones where the person is facing the camera with their face upright." The GCHQ agency staffs were allowed to display "webcam images associated with similar Yahoo identifiers to your known target", the document reads, also it states “Bulk surveillance of Yahoo users was begun” as "Yahoo webcam is known to be used by GCHQ targets." Yahoo has reacted furiously and denied any prior knowledge of the webcam interception program, and said that it had no awareness of or involvement with the GCHQ collection, describing the activity as "a whole new level of violation of our users' privacy." And a GCHQ spokesman said in a statement, "It is a longstanding policy that we do not comment on intelligence matters.

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